Big changes are happening in the cookie world. For several years now, browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, don’t allow third party cookies anymore. Third party cookies are on their way to the exit and that can have serious consequences for running and measuring good campaigns. With Meta Conversion API (CAPI), brands ensure reliable and future proof data in Facebook.

Annalect has partnered with Meta and selected CDP’s to help advertisers getting the best out of their CAPI integrations.

Conversions API provides businesses with full funnel visibility, accurate data sharing, and data control. Full funnel visibility offers businesses the ability to share a wider array of data than is currently captured by Pixel. Data sharing through Conversions API is more accurate than other methods; businesses don’t have to worry about data getting lost because of a browser crash or an ad blocker. Conversions API gives businesses more control over what they share. That means businesses that implement the Conversions API through a CDP decide what to share and when to share it.

Our Meta CAPI services

Within this partnership Annalect offers different types of services, depending on the brands situation. Are you already using a CDP and do you want to implement CAPI but not sure where to start and how to get the best out of it? Choose the ‘Data Leverage Audit’. Do you already have CAPI implemented but see low EMQ scores? Annalect can perform an audit with ‘CAPI Optimisation’. Are you not yet partnering with a CDP but looking for one and interested in a CAPI integration? Annalect can offer you an audit around ‘Data Leverage Optimisation’.

Why partner with Annalect

Annalect is the data-, tech- and analytics label from Omnicom and has a wide variety of specialists, from data architects and marketing scientists to media analysts and engineers. Our partnership with Meta and extensive experience with CAPI implementations makes us the right partner to ensure a brand gets the best out of their Meta CAPI integrations.

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