How we helped Ewings to get the best out of Conversion API.

Improving Facebook campaign performance by increasing Event Match Quality Scores (EMQ). 

How we helped Ewings to get the best out of Conversion API.

Mahzooz, the UAE’s favourite weekly draw, was established in 2021 under the mission to change the lives of thousands of people around the globe every single week. EWINGS LLC, the mother company and the managing operator of Mahzooz, delivers tailor-made technical services, robust operations, and management solutions with a special focus on entertainment industry.  Being a Meta partner, Annalect took the responsibility to help Ewings to set up and get the best out of their Conversion API Integration via Tealium. Ewings uses Tealium as its major customer data platform to provide Mahzooz with an intelligent integration ecosystem that empowers Mahzooz to create secure, valuable, actionable and privacy compliant customer data.


KPI’s & event tracking

Mahzooz is highly dependent on Meta to extract analytics data and manage tracking on its website. Since Meta is the primary platform for tracking consumer behaviour, Mahzooz decided to try Meta Conversion API starting from it believe in server-side tracking and the enormous advantages that it offers to brands that are looking to make an impact in the evolving specs of digital advertising. Mahzooz focuses on 6 main conversion events in its consumer journey as shown below. These events are already tracked using Facebook Pixel.  

  • Pageview  
  • Add To Cart 
  • Complete Registration 
  • Login 
  • Add Credit 
  • Purchase 

Redundant setup and deduplication 

Meta Pixel and Conversion API work together to provide the most accurate tracking data and insights as recommended by Meta. However, deduplication is needed if the same events are tracked simultaneously with the Meta Pixel and the Conversions API. To make sure that a conversion event is not recorded twice, we can pass additional event identifiers with each conversion event that is sent via the Pixel and the Conversions API. In the deduplication process, only one conversion event is kept, and its duplicate (server event) is discarded. For Mahzooz, we have cloned the same pixel events (shown above) and enriched them with event Id’s.  

Event enrichment  

During the onboarding process, we knew from the client side that there is a list of parameters that are available to use to enrich data quality (displayed below). These parameters represent first party data that are considered of utmost importance to improve Event Match Quality Score (EMQ). Based on the quality of customer information that are passed with each server event, Meta provides a matching score. Meta recommends all advertisers to achieve a score of “at least” (5.8/10) to activate Meta’s matching technology. When matching is activated based on a good EMQ-score, Meta will connect an event fired on Mahzooz’s website to a Meta user account. This ensures accuracy of conversion tracking, better targeting and custom audiences. 

  • User Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • External ID
  • Country


Process and collaboration 

Annalect conducted some adjustments on the pixel events to make sure that each conversion point is passing an event ID. Using Facebook Conversion Connector available on Tealium, we have set up the required server events. After publishing the first version, we faced a couple of issues where we had to collaborate with the IT team to resolve. While all events were up and running, the event quality scores were low in the first hand since customer information passed with each server event are not enough and some custom variables are not mapped accurately to its value.

How we helped Ewings to get the best out of Conversion API.

how we helped Ewings to get the best out of Conversion API
EQM scores before optimisation.

Feeding more customer information to activate Meta Matching  

At Annalect, we always advise our CAPI clients to focus on events parameters that have an impact. This means we strictly follow Meta’s recommendations to achieve a better EMQ score. During the optimization phase, we audited each server event and fed it with relevant customer & event parameters that could make a difference. Event enrichment is the core strategy we have followed to achieve a better result. The outcome exceeds our expectation when event scores started to skyrocket. Within two weeks, we managed to improve the matching score for three events to range between 21% to 42% after implementation. For some events, we reached a score of 7.2 which is considered an amazing outcome to highlight. The optimization process is still going, and together with Ewings, we are keen to clone this success to cover all events.  

matching score increased after we followed event enrichment t strategy to help Ewings get the best of their Conversion API
EQM scores after optimisation.


We must keep in mind that customer journey plays a key role in the quality of events passed to Meta. Some events in the marketing funnel requires users to share extra identifiers like phone number and email addresses. Other journeys include only some demographic information like IP address, city or country that contribute modestly to event’s performance. This means that advertisers should consider the perfect traffic flow that gives them the advantage of extra user information that make an impact. At the end of the day, the opportunity cost plays an important role in creating the balance between event quality score and website optimization. We are super enthusiastic to see the performance of these quality events when Facebook campaigns are up and running. We can think of ROAS, cost and reach. 


How e helped Ewings to get the best out of Conversion API.

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