On Thursday, July 14, Annalect and MORGENFRISK are hosting a webinar about the advantages of in-housing marketing technology. The main focus is on the ad server as a connecting factor and single-point-of-truth. We would like to invite you to register for the webinar for free.

Getting grip on your data
For marketers, ownership of first party data is a hot issue. They focus mainly on owned channels that can be mapped with Google Analytics, customer data platforms, CRM systems, etc. However, there is also a world outside your own website and app: paid advertising, which is less easy to fathom. How do you get a grip on your data? How do you centralise data together to make it as profitable as possible?

The central ad server
A central ad server is an excellent way to bring together the data flows of paid media. It enables you to get an overview and set benchmarks. It also ensures a more efficient way of working within your organization. A central ad server will ensure that specialist teams within paid media can work better together. This will give everyone a cross-channel view and they will no longer optimize in silos.

What will you learn:

  • How different departments in your organization get the most out of martech.
  • Why an ad server makes you owner of your data and gives you more control over your digital marketing.
  • How to use an ad server optimally, both technically and in your organization’s setup.
  • Why interplay between people and technology results in resource, time and cost advantages during the inhousing process.

With this knowledge, you can structure your organization and teams in a way you’ll benefit of all advantages of the central ad server.

Anton Kanis (Managing Director, Annalect) en Marc Gooijer (Partner, MORGENFRISK).

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    Who: Annalect en MORGENFRISK
    What: Webinar - The power of Martech In-housing. Where is your data centralised?
    When: 14 July 2022
    Time: 12:15 pm - 13:15 pm
    Language: English

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