TRKKN is a cloud & marketing technology partner and one of the leading Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud reselling partners across EMEA. Headquartered in Germany, and with operations in APAC, Middle East and North America, TRKKN was founded in 2008, acquired by Omnicom Media Group (OMG) in 2015 and is now globally rolled out by Paul Remitz (CEO at Omnicom Media Group Germany). 

Under OMG’s ownership, the TRKKN offer has expanded from Google reseller to also include a wide range of services to help clients manage their Google marketing & cloud stack, including Digital Analytics, Conversion Optimization, AdTech, Advanced Analytics & AI, Cloud Engineering and Tech & Data Strategy – all delivered within a service model that offers greater flexibility for advertisers in the age of in-housed or hybrid media operations.

The rollout to the Netherlands is an important step of the global expansion of TRKKN that was set in motion in June of this year and builds upon the proven track record of Annalect Netherlands as a GMP reseller. The main goal is the consolidation of all our Google Marketing Platform expertise, talent, and our partnership with Google under one strong and global TRKKN brand.

TRKKN Netherlands

TRKKN Netherlands will be led by Managing Director Anton Kanis. He is excited to announce that the GMP reseller stack status has been elevated to full stack! “Over the past two years, we’ve been working hard to prove to Google that we have the knowledge and expertise to also become a GA360 reseller. As of September 2022, we can offer the GA360 licence along with the other GMP solutions.”

Both TRKKN and Annalect Netherlands will be operating independently in the Dutch market. TRKKN will focus exclusively on GMP, GC,  and adjacent services while Annalect will have a broader marketing analytics approach. This includes proprietary solutions in areas like marketing mix modelling and consumer insights as well the continuous development of Omni, Omnicom’s marketing operating system. Although there will be two brands going forward, TRKKN and Annalect will be enjoying synergies in areas like Omni, cloud engineering, and machine learning far into the future. In the upcoming weeks we will rebrand to TRKKN. The (previous Annalect) team and way of working will stay the same. 

Advantages for clients

TRKKN is one of a small roster of worldwide partners certified by Google to resell the full Google stack: Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud. In a world where consumer privacy, data ownership, and 1st party data have taken centre stage, this means TRKKN can help marketers to choose the right GMP tools relevant to their brand’s digital marketing strategy and in-house organisation. 

The global roll-out of TRKKN will bring scale and consistency for clients, many of whom are operating in multiple markets and regions. As we connect our resources across the globe, our clients will be able to leverage a deeper pool of GMP expertise than ever before. Moreover, TRKKN clients will benefit from Omnicom’s scale and innovation in areas such as data partnerships and clean rooms.

“The elevation to full stack sales partner for TRKKN Netherlands is a massive achievement by our local  team. It will improve and expand the client experience that we can deliver and enable us to drive more value from data. We are very excited to become part of the global TRKKN network and look forward to working with our new, extended team on Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud solutions as well as specialised services.”,
Anton Kanis

“At the heart of the TRKKN offer is a simple promise: helping brands use technology to build deeper consumer connections. As we take TRKKN global, my priority is finding regional leaders who know how to deliver on that promise. We’re very happy that with Anton Kanis we have an experienced Managing Director with a broad background in Marketing Technology and Analytics and an excellent understanding of OmnicomMediaGroup to help us roll out TRKKN in the Netherlands and to move forward in empowering customers to increase their digital efficiency.”,
Paul Remitz

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